“Fear will stop your love; Love will stop your fear” This quote is so powerful and it actually resonates with me, specifically after the workshop that my spouse and I attended last weekend. The workshop’s fundamental concept? That we all wish for connection, validation and understanding but many times, in our relationships, something triggers an old worry or vulnerability. This worry, if not comprehended, can produce distance or yearning or struggle instead of connection and understanding says Charlton escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/charlton-escorts.

Nevertheless, by really truly listening to the other individual, keeping our own worries aside for a minute, we promote understanding and connection. And similarly, when we feel heard and comprehended and we too feel safe, supported and liked (rather than afraid). I got to thinking of how this concept uses not only to romantic relationships, but to all relationships, including our relationship to ourselves.

Very typically in my practice, I deal with women who are fighting with food, self-confidence, and self-care. They wish they looked differently. They wish their body was different. They want they ate much better. They criticize themselves, typically relentlessly. They believe they are unsatisfactory moms. They question if they are good enough good friends. They scold themselves for refraining from doing more, being more, having more. I get it – I truly do. I’ve existed, and I still am there often! We worry and we want and we want and we worry because, extremely frequently, we are tuning into our old, unresolved thoughts – thoughts that have plenty of judgments, beliefs, expectations and most of all, worries according to Charlton escorts.

These worries and the resulting criticism, judgment, unfavorable thoughts and upsetting actions are in direct opposition to what we really need. What we truly need is some variation of love: support, understanding, care, recognition, empathy. However instead of using understanding, recognition and empathy to our own struggle, we do the reverse: we stress, slam, lessen, maximize, overlook, or berate … and extremely typically we disconnect from ourselves and our feelings (often using food)… all of which simply perpetuate the having a hard time. Our company believe that if we simply lost 10 pounds, began working out, stopped eating sugar, got thin we would finally be HAPPY. We would finally LOVE ourselves. The majority of us do this so often, unconsciously, that we don’t even understand the power of these thoughts. However power they have. And sadly, not the power we desire them to have says Charlton escorts.

So exactly what if we were to apply love and assistance and non-judgmental listening while in the middle of feeling frustrated or dissatisfied? Would involve listening deeply to our ideas and sensations as they occur, without judgment, and using ourselves assistance and understanding. Exactly what if we were to allow our dissatisfactions to emerge without attempting so hard to alter them; what if we were to permit ourselves to just BE, without evaluating? If we allowed our HUNGERS and our CRAVINGS and our PASSIONS (for food or otherwise) to exist, to simply be what they are, we could even more understand them. And it is from here, this place of understanding, compassion and love, where change is possible.