The elusive female orgasm is something that many men strive to learn more about. While men can only orgasm once, females can have multiple orgasms. This has often been the fascination of men and today we are going to learn more about it.

What You Should Know About the Female Orgasm

Below are five facts that every man and woman should know about the female orgasm. These facts will help improve your relationships and sex lives.

1. The breasts are connected to orgasms: When you are playfully tender with the breasts, you can help increase your partner’s orgasm. This will make her orgasm much strong and more enjoyable.

2. Change your angle: During sexual intercourse, a great way to increase her orgasm is by changing the angle of your penetration. Make sure you are making contact with the upper part of her vagina where her most sensitive parts are located.

3. Don’t be afraid to use your tongue: Oral stimulation is a great way to help your partner achieve deep orgasms. Make sure to focus on her clit while softly using your fingers to rub the top part of her vagina. This will help her to quickly climax.

4. Let her finish first: Instead of climaxing before your mate, why not let her finish first? Males can climax much faster than females and many times the female partner is left unsatisfied. By waiting, you will allow her to climax as well which makes your sex life much better.

5. Start-up slowly: Instead of going directly to intercourse, build her excitement by slowing undressing her and kiss her all over her body. This will help build her excitement which will help her orgasm much harder and faster.

How Can a Woman Achieve Multiple Orgasms?

When women are truly turned on they can achieve many orgasms during one single sexual encounter. This can only be achieved by taking your time and maxing out the foreplay. A great way to achieve this is by softly teasing your partner with kisses all over the body. Then move down the body stimulating her clit with the tip of your tongue. This sexual build up will be very powerful and once full blown, intercourse takes place where she is very likely to have multiple orgasms. This can be a very rewarding experience for both parties involved. Depending on your partner’s sexual build up level, she just might have as many as 3 to 4 orgasms or more!

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